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“No shirt, no footwear, no service.” We’ve all seen the signal. However what about driving with out footwear?

Is it unlawful to drive barefoot? Can you actually be thrown within the slammer simply since you left your footwear at residence? Or get a ticket?

We’re going to reply all of your burning barefoot-driving questions.

Let’s leap in!

Is It Unlawful to Drive Barefoot?

No, it isn’t unlawful to drive barefoot in the USA, and never a single one of many 50 states has a legislation in opposition to it. (In any case, it’s nonetheless a free nation, proper?) There are quite a lot of bizarre legal guidelines in America, however this isn’t one in all them. The concept it’s unlawful to drive barefoot is an city legend. So in case you simply love the sensation of your naked ft on that fuel pedal, you’re within the clear.

Some states (like Alabama) do require you to put on footwear whereas driving a motorbike although.1

We must also inform you . . . in case you’re in an accident whereas airing out your toes, you may get a reckless driving cost relying in your native police division’s practices.

Is It Protected to Drive Barefoot?

Alright, we’ve answered, Is it unlawful to drive barefoot? Now let’s see if it’s a good suggestion. Simply because it’s authorized doesn’t imply it’s good.

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Driving barefoot won’t be an enormous deal in some circumstances, however in case you have moist or sandy ft, there’s the next likelihood your ft will slip on the pedal. If you’ll want to rapidly hit the brakes, moist ft won’t get the job executed. Plus, the very last thing you want after an accident is for the police officer to look down and marvel, The place are your footwear?

That stated, some research present naked ft won’t be the worst technique to drive. For instance, within the UK, flip-flops have been tied to 1.4 million automotive accidents per yr.2 Yikes! Who knew flip-flops might be so harmful? Excessive heels and footwear with laces untied are additionally a foul concept.

Backside line? We’re not going to inform you what to do right here (we’re not your mother). We’re simply going to say, Watch out. Use frequent sense, individuals.

The place Did This Fantasy Begin?

Like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, it’s arduous to know the place a few of these myths get began. And once more, there are quite a lot of unusual legal guidelines on the market (like the way it’s unlawful to play bingo for over 5 hours in North Carolina).3

Many individuals most likely simply assume it’s frequent sense that driving barefoot is extra harmful, so it have to be in opposition to the legislation. And a few police departments do closely discourage it. Nevertheless it’s not unlawful.

One man even took it upon himself within the Nineteen Nineties to reply this query as soon as and for all—Jason Heimbaugh (the hero we didn’t know we would have liked).4 Mr. Heimbaugh wrote to the motorcar departments in all 50 states to ask one easy query: Is it unlawful to drive barefoot? It took some time, however he ultimately confirmed it’s not unlawful.

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