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Fastened deposits are a well-liked saving choice in India as a consequence of presumed security and respectable returns. However are the returns from mounted deposits sufficient?

Indians have a behavior of placing apart some quantity each month as financial savings. These financial savings largely discover their method into land or gold as Indians primarily spend money on bodily property. There are two broad classes of property, bodily and monetary. Actual property and gold are the most effective examples of bodily property, whereas mounted deposits, shares and mutual funds are monetary property. Although Indians want bodily property, the one monetary asset that may match their reputation to some extent is financial institution mounted deposits.

Fastened deposits are a continuing in lots of working households, with fathers typically advising their working youngsters to place some cash in mounted deposits. The youthful technology which has grown up listening to about mounted deposits park their financial savings in mounted deposits with no second thought. However many don’t give a thought to the nitty-gritties of economic devices. There are numerous devices out there which have a manageable threat profile and generate higher returns.

What are mounted deposits?

Fastened deposits are a kind of economic instrument supplied by banks and non-banking monetary firms that supply a greater rate of interest than a financial savings account. Fastened deposits usually have a lock-in interval, and the cash can’t be withdrawn earlier than the time period ends. A penalty is charged if somebody withdraws the invested quantity earlier than maturity. Presently, financial institution fixed deposit rates are hovering at round 7 p.c2. Fastened deposits are good for individuals who have an especially low urge for food for threat however need higher returns than a financial savings account.

However are your investments in mounted deposits as secure as they’re made to be?

Fastened deposits include a wide range of tenures, starting from 7 days to 10 years1. An funding in a set deposit for a brief time period may be thought of, however in the long term, actual returns from mounted deposits may be minimal or in some circumstances adverse. In case you plan to fund your youngster’s schooling after 10 years via investments in mounted deposits, then suppose once more. Listed here are a number of factors to think about earlier than investing in mounted deposits.


Costs of merchandise are at all times on an upswing in a growing nation like India, which erodes the buying energy of cash. The speed at which the common value of products and companies improve in a rustic over a time period is named the inflation price. A excessive inflation price makes merchandise costlier over time. If the curiosity is lower than the inflation price, it basically erodes the worth of the principal quantity. Allow us to perceive the idea with an instance borrowed from former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, albeit with totally different numbers.

Suppose you’ve got Rs 10,000 and you intend to purchase dosas with it. With every dosa costing Rs 100, it is possible for you to to purchase 100 dosas from the cash. In case you make investments the cash in a set deposit for a 12 months with an rate of interest of 10 %, you’re going to get Rs 11,000 after a 12 months. The inflation price can also be 10 %, as a consequence of which the worth of dosa has jumped to Rs 110 in a 12 months. Even after a 12 months, it is possible for you to to purchase solely 100 dosas with the cash.

Now take into account a second state of affairs, the place the whole lot is identical however the inflation price has declined to five %. In that case, the worth of dosa will probably be Rs 105 after a 12 months, however you’ll obtain 11,000 rupees from the financial institution. It is possible for you to to purchase almost 105 dosas from the identical quantity in a interval of low inflation.

Inflation Eats into Your Returns3

The issue with mounted deposits is that their rates of interest typically lag inflation charges in the long term. Even when the rate of interest is marginally greater than the inflation price, actual returns will probably be too small to matter. At present charges, in case you are incomes 7 % in your funding in mounted deposits and the inflation price is round 4 %, you might be basically incomes simply 3 % yearly.

The interest earned on a fixed deposit is taxable in accordance with your revenue tax bracket. So in case you are within the highest tax bracket, a further 30 % will probably be deducted from the curiosity revenue of your mounted deposit. In case you have a set deposit with an rate of interest of seven %, then 2.1 % must be paid as tax. With a 4 % inflation price and a pair of.1 % tax, you’ll earn simply 0.9 % in your principal quantity.


Financial institution mounted deposits are comparatively secure funding merchandise however could fail to generate ample returns.

There are alternate choices, in case you are planning to save lots of for future commitments like your youngster’s schooling. If you’d like safer devices, hybrid merchandise like traditional plans or guaranteed savings plans may be thought of.

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